Have you seen the MathVisuals.wordpress.com website yet? What are you waiting for?

Berkeley Everett, the creator of the site has been building videos and animations to illustrate number sense concepts. But what’s caught my eye this week is his re-usable FREE place value playing cards!!

Watch how he uses them in this video:

So useful right??
I’m pretty excited about them. I think this is just what I’ve been looking for to help my daughter with understanding that 75 means 70 (7 tens) and 5 more!! So visual and so great.
Berkeley is giving these cards away for free too. Just head over to his site  MathVisuals.wordpress.com to download your copy. I’m planning on printing them on card stock and then laminating them.

While you’re there check out more of his videos on number sense. Here are a few:

Counting by 10